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    Clinical Trial Logistics / Direct to Patient

    05.06.19 | 15:00 – 15:30 Uhr

    Saal1, Ebene +1, CCL

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    Client Relationship Director, PAREXEL International
    Frau Pia Schmidt

    Deutsch, Englisch

    We’ve played a key role in over 15,900 clinical trials, with 99.90% of shipments arriving on time and within temperature range (2016). When you’ve invested valuable resources into developing a product that improves global health, you deserve a partner that treats your patients and shipments as well as you would, at every step.
    Every clinical trial is unique. And no one can customize a product delivery program quite like we can. Our associates offer expert guidance on transport and storage solutions tailored to fit the needs of your product and your patients.
    We’ve built powerful inventory management, ordering and tracking tools that deliver actionable performance data. Our Customer Resource Center (CRC) provides real-time tracking information for shipments across all our service offerings. Customers with an account can initiate new shipments quickly and easily.
    Bio-STAR℠ is a smart clinical trial management program that facilitates the communication of study protocols while streamlining permits and optimizing shipping routes and packaging.
    CTM-STAR™ is our depot inventory management system, which gives clients 24/7/365 visibility into stock location and temperature. That level of visibility not only gives you peace of mind, it also facilitates clinical trial processes with multiple dependencies.

    We are helping revolutionize patients' access to clinical trials and specialty therapies by bringing temperature controlled logistics and smart inventory management solutions directly to their homes. By reducing the need to travel for treatment, we make it easier for researchers to recruit and retain qualified patients for their studies, and for manufacturers to broaden the patient populations who can benefit from their innovations.
    The recruitment and retention of qualified patients can be challenging:

    • 94% of patients don’t have access to clinical trials*
    • 1 in 4 patients drop out before study completion*
    • 78% of patients would find it helpful if IMP were delivered to their home**

    However, moving some trial site activities into patients’ homes has been shown to increase recruitment by 60% or more, and typically maintains patient retention at over 95%*. That means Direct-to-Patient models can help bring your product to market faster, minimize disruptions to patients' lives and expand patient access to the best possible treatment options at home. There are also beneficial Direct-to-Patient applications for commercial drug home distribution programs, patient sample collections and returns.

    *Medical Research Network
    **International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

    Dieser Vortrag ist Bestandteil des Programmblocks "Arzneimittellogistik" mit den weiteren Themen:

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    Erste Erfahrungen bei der Umsetzung der EU-Fälschungsrichtlinie
    Herr Prof.Dr. Martin J. Hug, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

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