16 and 17 May 2023 med.Logistica
A Produkt of: AutoStore System GmbH

AutoStore™ is an automated storage and retrieval system, that provides you with 4x more storage capacityin the same footprint, clean and temperature controlled. AutoStore also gives you total visibility and control over your supply chain, reducing your reliance on international trade routes. 

AutoStore breaks down to a small set of basic components that easily integrate into any existing facility — Bins, Robots, Ports, the Grid, and Controller. With over 850 systems around the world, no two are the same. Each AutoStore is designed based on your operational needs and is fully validated through our simulation software, the same software running the live system. This ensures your system will meet your demands and resolve your challenges.

Healthcare organizations count on us for patient-centric logistics. Find out how we can help you optimize your warehouse logistics and supply chain.


Mr. Peter Bimmermann
AutoStore System GmbH