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ZippSpace Pro
A product of: Zippsafe AG
Zippsafe reinvents the locker by replacing traditionally used materials such as metal or wood with a smart textile. The usually rigid locker thus becomes a flexible solution. The secret lies in the textile locker bags, which adapt in size to the items stored inside. This novel concept requires only 30 percent of the space compared to the classic locker. More space-efficient than any other solution for staff locker rooms, Zippsafe often saves hundreds of square meters.
Despite its space efficiency, the user-friendliness of the Smart Lockers is clearly the focus. Clothes can be conveniently hung via an extendable hanger and even larger items such as handbags or motorcycle helmets can be accommodated. Integrated ventilation and antimicrobial fabric improve locker room hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination of fresh workwear. The solution is additionally RFID compatible and can be managed online.


Ms. Vanessa Rothlin
Head of Marketing & Business Development Zippsafe AG


Zippsafe AG

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